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Leslie is a Professor of Psychology and authority in the psychology of mindfulness with over 25 years of experience in the corporate world as a Facilities Manager and Interior Designer. Leslie is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has written hundreds of guided meditations and hypnotherapy scripts for clients all over the world.


Leslie has a Master of Arts in Psychology specializing in evaluating methods for achieving a balance between employees and the workplace, managing a sustainable health and wellness program and supporting organizations in the development of proactive wellness models. Leslie is a lifelong learner and lover of knowledge and has taught bachelor level health and wellness and psychology courses.


Leslie has been a ghostwriter and freelance writer on Upwork since 2010 specializing in Personal Development, Psychology, Health and Wellness, and the Metaphysical genre. 


She has worked in conjunction with several companies in the creation of online courses including a Hypnotherapy Training Course, Hypno-birthing, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and Relationship Psychology courses. Leslie has solid skills in client services management and communications strategies in her work as a Real Estate and Facilities Manager liaison.


Leslie has a unique blend of skills and talents that combine education and learning, facilities management and project management. Leslie is also a freelance writer specializing in personal development, complementary and alternative medicine, psychology and health and wellness. Leslie is a passionate and creative artist and self-published author who truly believe that thoughts become things. 

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